Sisters 4 Sisters is a program that provides mentorship and personalized attention to small groups of at-risk women and girls. Through expanding their exposure and life experience, we hope for them to achieve academic success, be healthier, learn more about other women around the world, and become financially independent. Most of all, we encourage them to become more confident in who they are. This will support them in whatever life they lead as adults – whether they are running businesses, countries or their households.

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The Objectives of S4S

Life Skills

We know that exposure to a wide variety of skills is highly beneficial. This could include anything from how to handle simple budgets, to photography, gardening, clothing design, cooking, building things, and more!

Psychosocial Development

We have open discussions with the girls about their futures, about their lives as Afghan girls, and use a variety of ice breaking activities. We are guided by PARSA’s psychosocial department.

Physical Wellbeing

The girls participate in physical activity that could be anything from running, to yoga, sports, martial arts, and more. This component is run by women from an NGO called "Free to Run" as well as other volunteer instructors.


We have women from Kabul and around the world speak to the girls in video and in person, teaching them lessons via their own life stories. Read below to learn how to become a mentor and help expose the girls to the women who support them.

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S4S Mentorship Program: How can you get involved?

Becoming an S4S mentor will have a major effect on the lives of the girls in the program. The more mentors we have, the more rounded the experience is for the girls, and the more variety they will get in the skills they learn and stories they are exposed to.

There are three ways you can become an S4S mentor: In person in Kabul, online via a short video of yourself, and as a one-on-one mentor where you will be paired to an individual girl and will correspond with her monthly. Learn more by clicking below!



Contact S4S

Or you can email us at sisters4sistersafghanistan@gmail.com